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Luisa Fernanda Quiceno

Birdwatching and Culture Guide
Luisa Fernanda Quiceno

Luisa’s interest in birds began in 2010 when she began her biology career at the University of Quindío and it was ratified thanks to volunteering done in the National Aviary of Colombia, wheres he created a great affinity with the Parrot species. Currently, she is a founding member of the ornithology group of the University of Quindío (GOUQ), where she has acquired great knowledge concerning the birds of the coffee region.

Luisa has contributed knowledge and research to the ecology of high Andean Parrot endangered populations. She has also participated in multiple environmental impact studies and biological characterizations. She has been a guide and environmental educator in the Botanical Garden of Quindío for more than 4 years and recently in the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Guanacaste (Costa Rica).