Micro-entrepreneurs of the year at the Citi Prize

Micro-entrepreneurs of the year at the Citi Prize

Yully Andrea Beltrán Arcila, winner of the prize, said: “We are happy for everything that can impact our province, especially in the young people, we want to attract them to fall in love with nature, to know that there are opportunities and thus counter the growing issue of suicide throughout the province. I have so many dreams and want to help many people”.

She added: “This was something very special and enriching. It is serves as a reminder that we should not give up and that what we have accomplished was worthwhile. We did not expect this award. I had the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and I wished from the heart that their initiatives would win because they are also very good. ”

The Quindio's company, deserving of the prize for $ 35 million Colombian Pesos, originated in 2017 in Salento, with the idea of ​​being the first operating agency of Quindío in nature tourism, which offers specialized services in bird, amphibian, reptile and professional photography observation within their natural habitats.

Its main activity is the development of various tourist packages for one or several days in different parts of the country; where the tourist will be able to appreciate diverse types of ecosystems, that range from the humid tropical forests, Andean, and high Andean plains, observing all their natural wealth.

Beltrán said that the company was born from the hand of her husband, both are graduates in environmental education from the University of Quindío and are focused on two branches of biology, she in birds and he in amphibians and reptiles.

“Birding and Herping was born from the passion of the two. My husband also has a passion for nature photography. That is the complement of our services. The activities we do are guided by professional biologists, that is our plus, what separates us from other types of tours.

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